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Induced Abortion and Placenta Previa

Induced abortion and subsequent placenta previa

Placenta Previa is a condition is which the placenta has implanted abnormally low in the uterine cavity. In “partial placenta previa,” a segment of the placenta partially covers the opening to the cervical canal. In “complete placenta previa,”the placenta completely covers the opening to the cervical canal. Placenta previa can be potentially catastrophic to both mother and baby, as it carries the risk of unpredictable, sudden, severe hemorrhage, necessitating emergency C Section as life saving treatment. Very often this emergency occurs at a premature gestational age, increasing the risk for the baby’s favorable outcome. It can be appreciated that placenta previa is no small issue, whether for the patient, for her baby, or for her attending doctor. And it is increased significantly in pregnancies that follow an induced abortion.…