Abortion in Korea

Dear ProLife Colleague,

It is important to  be aware of what our pro-life physician colleagues in other countries are going through for their conscience convictions.  (We may be under similar pressures in the future.)  Here is a Korean doctor’s view of the current situation in South Korea.   It will startle you.  (Wikepedia says Korea is 30% Christian, about half/half Roman Catholic and Protestant.)

Excerpted from his letter:

“I am a member of Korean pro-life group ( www.prolife-dr.org ).

The Korean pro-life group was formed about a year ago and it is now struggling with many difficulties.  Korea has had an anti-abortion law for many decades but no one has followed it.  Doctors have earned a lot of money by performing abortions.  Pregnant women have received abortions very easily.  So they have not needed to pay attention to contraception.  Government-run health care system has enjoyed this system as it does not have to pay for ob/gyn services appropriately by having people pay doctors out of their pockets for abortions.  As a result of these, Korea has become a country that has the highest abortion rate of the world.  For pro-life doctors, it is very hard to maintain their businesses because of no income from abortion.   But young doctors decided to rise, fight and they are now taking blows.   They asked government to raise health care payment but there was no response.  The group was neglected.  Recently they decided to shake the system by reporting doctors who did abortion practice against the law.  It echoed across the country immediately.   Feared doctors hesitated to perform abortion to avoid punishment and many pregnant women shouted out for getting abortions.  The women groups are complaining against pro-life docs.   They said pro-life docs should have made plans before they started anti-abortion movement.  The majority of ob/gyn docs are accusing pro-life docs of selfishness.   Government officials are going to observe until the hot debate come up with a solution.   As a matter of fact, this situation has been expected even before.   Pro-life group gave government one year of time, which was enough, to make plans ahead to avoid the chaos.  however, it has not done any actions.    We are so much depressed for the recent weeks.   We have been tired.  Please pray for us.”

AAPLOG note:  South Korea is not alone.   The world governmental systems (UN, EU,  old Soviet bloc, China, etc) push free access to abortion, both as quasi-birth control  (i.e., for unwanted pregnancies) and as a preventive solution for high maternal mortality rates.  We really need to stand for Hippocratic values before we become a vanishing minority (see www.hippocraticregistry.com and sign up!)