Vote: MSFL Program

Dear Prolife Colleague,

Two important items today. FIRST, this week Wednesday the House of Reps in Wash DC will vote on The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Please email your Representative. It is VERY simple. Takes about two minutes. We urge everyone to do this by Tuesday. Go to Write in your state and zip code. If you don’t know your last 4 numbers of your 10 digit zip, look on your driver’s license. Then click on “contact my representative.” Page comes up , write your personal info as required, click continue. Page comes up for your message. Write your message. Can be simple: Please vote yes this week on the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Thank you.” Click “send message.”

You are done. Thanks for being a prolife activist.

SECOND: A wonderful video educational opportunity: the 1st MedStudentsForLife Research & Leadership National Conference Webcast. For the program, go to . Presentations include: Abortion and PTSD, Maternal Mortality and Abortion, Perinatal Hospice, Stem Cells, End of Life Care, Vaccines and Autism, Fertility-the Facts, Endangered Conscience rights. I listened to the first two today. Both very valuable. We urge you to use this resource to further your education! And use it at a resource at your local prolife group meeting. It is well worth your time!